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we're live in burlingame where a carbon monoxide leak forces hundreds of people out of a hotel. we'll tell you why -- we'll tell you why detecters did not alert the desks inside. and in weather, we're dry
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right now but that will be changing later on today. coming up the forecast that breaks down the timing of the incoming rain. you get up the next morning and you keep going. >> more misery on the east coast. another powerful storm creating big problems for millions of people. and final preparations are in livermore. in just a few hours, 130 new outlet doors, we'll tell you about the economic boom it's expected to bring to this community. "mornings on 2" starts now. well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's thursday, november 8th. everything is back to normal at a burlington hotel that had a carbon monoxide overnight. ktvu channel 2 reporter tara moriarty is live at the embassy
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suites. this is a pretty big hazmat response that affected a lot of people. tara? >> reporter: that's right. this is very close to the airport. the hotel was booked. a lot of people had flights so you can imagine that they were nervous about making them on time. behind me you can see a lot of windows are still open at the top of the hotel right there. these people got a 1:30 a.m. wakeup call that they did not expect. they were stuck out in the cold for for hours. that's because firefighters responded to a call here after midnight. crews called in hazmat, did some air sampling. and within an hour, they evacuated the building. hundreds of guests were staying here, again, the hotel booked. and the trace was a faulty boiler. >> they did an air sampling and found there was a high level of carbon monoxide. so at that point be they called in additional resources, including san mateo county hazardous materials team and the health department to
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determine what was going on here. >> this is the first time i've gotten woken up at 1:30 in the morning for carbon monoxide. i was up on the 8th floor and the alarm went off and came down and haven't been able to go back in yet. there were a few people in their robes and what not. but it was -- it was pretty interesting. >> reporter: crews were out here and they transferred a man to the hospital. we don't know if his injury was carbon monoxide poisoning. it is carbon monoxide awareness month and hotels were supposed to have detecters put in this july. but they did get an extension until january of this -- of next year on the 1st but if they had been installed here, we would have figured out the problem sooner. 7:03. oakland police and police in walnut creek are both investigating a woman's claims
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that she was kidnapped. the woman says she was kidnapped from a walnut creek parking lot in the 500 block of -- in the 1500 block of bonanza. she said she ended up in a secluded area of the oakland hills along hiller avenue, not far from the caldecott tunnel. oakland police and an ambulance responded to the scene overnight. paramedics checked out the woman but we don't know if she was hurt. we talked to walnut creek police and they said the investigation was in the early stages and they would comment later. we've cass called in oakland police to try to get more information. a new storm hit the northeastern u.s. on the he'lls of hurricane sandy. that storm dropped a lot of snow in some areas. it's now lowly -- shely often -- it's now slowly moving out of the area. look at this. staten island. a nor'easter knocked out more power lines there. it also stopped commuter
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trains. this is a woman in new jersey, she was hoping to save more of her property destroyed. instead, she's picking out donated clothing. >> it sucks, for lack of a better way to say it -- better word. there's good news, temperatures are slowly starting to rise. that snow, starting to melt this morning. also, the winter storm has really messed up a lot of flights as well. airlines canceled at least 1300 flights, to and from the new york metropolitan area. sfo expected some flights from newark, j.f.k. and philadelphia to be canceled again today. if you plan to fly just call ahead first. yesterday, 31 flights were canceled, including flights to philadelphia, connecticut and washington, d.c. 7:05. president obama is back in
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washington, d.c. this morning. still facing the challenges of a divided congress. the president and his family returned to the white house overnight. before returning to washington, the president called congressional leaders and urged them to work together in a spirit of bipartisanship to cut through the gridlock. coming up at 7:15, the chances the president and congress will be able to keep the country from going off a fiscal cliff at the end of the year. we're just three hours away from the grand opening of the paragam outlets in livermore and shoppers are expected to turn out in big numbers. claudine wong is live there with the impact this is expected to have on the economy. >> reporter: good morning. 130 stores. a lot of people looking for bargains. you have a big boost to the community. i want you to take a look down here. you can see a lot of folks down there, just starting to show up. they are getting the stores ready. these are all folks who want to
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make sure that everyone is exactly right when people show up. we pan around. you can see more of this area. just to give you an idea of the setup. one long corridor here and another one on the other side. some of the stores are not quite ready to go. most of them seemed to be ready to go. so you are likely to have plenty to choose from. i want to give you some we saw. a lot of sales. these are all outlets. there's a lot of last-minute preparations. i talked to a couple of people involved in the building crew. a lot of people have been working 18-hour days. the first outlet mall to open in the bay area in more than a decade and it opens at 10:00 a.m. here's a few numbers about the mall. the mall is a 543,000-square foot building. it cost $150 million to build. there are 130 outlet stores. it's expected to bring at least $2 million in annual sales tax
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revenue and 2,000 jobs. let me show you some video from a jobs fair held last month. obviously, jobs good for any community but it does not stop there. i want to show you this map of the area from the developer. you have 580 running through that livermore area. look at the upper right side of your map. hed in blue, that's phase one, that's what's happening today. but there is also a phase two. that's right above it. ground breaking for that, tentatively scheduled for next july. and 800 more jobs expected to come from that. now, if we come back out here live, you can see one more section of this area. in is a -- considered a high- end outlet mall i want to show you the armani outlet there and we decided to hang out in front of prada because -- why not?
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i actually had a viewer call in the station and ask if the parking lot is open. it is. but keep in mind we're still a few hours away from the grand opening. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you, got our attention there. nice-looking stores. i'm sure they will be busy for the holidays. let's check in with sal, see what's happening out there. you've been busy out there. >> that's right we've had a bunch of slow traffic. i want to show you 280. we told but that accident at the lawrence expressway. and we said this would start backing up into san jose very quickly and true to form, here we are, back independent almost all the way up to 101. i want to put it on the map to show -- to show you what's going on. this is the problem we're talking about. northbound 280 and the slow traffic we just showed you. also, 87 has been slow because of an earlier crash, not only in the south bay do we have slow traffic.
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it's slowing on 880 southbound from 288 from fremont. and interstate 680 from concord to walnut creek and also slow on highway 4. we had an accident on the bridge. but that's gone. it's backed up for about 20, 30 minutes. let's go to mark tamayo. just beautiful out there this morning. we have cloud cover, breaks in the clouds. no rainfall but that will be changing. it has been an exciting week forecast-wise. we started off with the weather pattern transitioning quickly. right now, some rain and snowshowers out toward the sierra. this is what we're watching out to the north. rain band out towards cape mendocino. still a -- still a bit of a breeze out there, winds coming in from 15 to 16 miles hour.
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current numbers, really not changing too much since 4:00 this morning. we're talking about upper 40s to the 50s. san francisco 53, san jose 54 and livermore 52 degrees. here is the source of the key weather change. this cold weather system moving in from the pacific. so a temperature drop, you can count on that. highs in the mid-50s to lower 60s. showers return. the chance of a thunderstorm for today, only a slight chance, probably a better bet as we head into your friday. for this morning at 8:00. no raindrops to worry about. 48 to 53 degrees. look what happens by 12:00. scattered showers, mainly for the northern half of the region and we'll notice temperatures not warming up 53 to 56. chance of a shower by 4:00 especially down towards parts of the north bay. forecast highs. everybody cools off. and your five-day forecast. chance of a shower and a thunderstorm into friday. we'll be dry this weekend.
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get ready for very cold mornings. coming up in a few minutes we'll take a look at the winter weather advisory mup in a -- coming up in a little bit. >> all right, mark. a prostitution bust in newark leads to eight people being arrested. the arrest lapped -- the arrest happened last week at the motel 6 on mowry avenue. prostitutes an pimps were lured to the hotel. seven women were arrested for prostitution. one man was arrested for felony pimping and pandering. the law enforcement agency set up that sting trying to recover any children possibly working as prostitutes. reportedly, they did not find any. an accused homicide suspect still in jail this morning. but facing far fewer and less serious charges. 60-year-old gregory elarms is suspected of killing and shooting a community activist parking garage two years ago. however, a judge just threw out
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two counts including a murder charge on ground that the police violated elarms' miranda rights by questioning him even after he asked for a lawyer. the proper is considering more charges. elarms faces a weapon charge. the daily cal reports the state leads the country in the number of exxonerations since 1989. it's believed more than 200 people were were wrongly -- were wrongly convicted. all right, tori. time now, 7:13. protesting proposition 30. why some students are holding a protest today at uc berkeley over a measure that increases funding for education. a dramatic getaway that didn't quite go as planned.
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we're off to a dry, cool start this morning. here's our live camera showing you some clouds, some breaks in the clouds. it's pretty out there. things will be changing this afternoon. we'll be tracking rain showers. details in a few minutes. thank you, mark. 7:16. san francisco police have arrested a man accused of threatening to shoot people shortly after 7:30 last night. officers received a call about a man threatening to kill someone in the city's ocean view neighborhood. when police arrived, they found the suspect holed up in his house. negotiators eventually persuaded the man to give himself up. a search of the home showed no weapons. the suspect will undergo a mental health exam.
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we have video in utah of a former pilot trying to steal a plane. this happened back in july. one of the wings clipped the side of the building. this happened at saint george municipal airport. the plane hit cars, fences and light poles. the pilot reportedly was being sought by police for the killing of his former girlfriend in colorado. he later killed himself after  trying to steal the plane. believe it or not, they are still counting election day results in florida with the results in the presidential race too close to call. florida election officials say the final results may not be known for the weekend. but officials say it doesn't really matter. president obama won the election without those votes. however, the voting process in florida has been criticized. some of the voters have been waiting in -- had to wait in line six hours before voting.
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according to the secretary of state, 59% of voters in california cast ballots this year. in 2008, that was -- that number was above 70%. here in the bay area, just over half or almost 55% of registered voters turned out for tuesday's elections. the fight for re-election has given way to a potential shift. ailry son burn -- alison burns has more? >> reporter: tori, for the past few days we've been hearing about officials and president obama saying they want to find new ways to work together. president obama returned to the white house and he had to deal with the fact that it was the worst day on wall street this year. that means that pressure is on him to deal with looming tax
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increases and massive budget cuts that kick in at the end of this year. both sides are calling for compromise but not saying how they will get there. >> i want everyone to understand he can't push us around. we want to work together. >> after years of punting on the major fiscal challenges that we face, 2013 is gonna be different. >> reporter: president obama has no public events today but there is a lot of speculation here in d.c. he could hold his first post-election news conference. i'll have more on how speaker boehner could be offerrering erg the first olive branch during my next update. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:19. the greek parliament narrowly paced a deeply unpopular austerity package. the pension cuts pensions and salaries more than they have been cut -- the vote cuts
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pensions and salaries more than they have been. without a bailout loan, greece said it would run out of euros on november 16th. well, today, some uc berkeley students plan a walkout demanding tuition reductions after voters pass proposition 30. the protest marks the first anniversary of occupy cal. it causes clashes between campus and police. some of the students rallying say the money that's going through the passage of prop 30 should be used to lower tuition. well, administrators say the passage of two measures will definitely help with that school's financial situation. but they are not out of the woods yet. the school's been threatened
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with loses it's acrede date -- is accreditation partly because of its -- its accreditation partly because of its difficult situation. the original adobe call -- walls of presidio to san francisco from some of the officers' clubs. if the trees were cut down before 1782, the fort would be the oldest building in the state. more than a dozen san francisco parks are set to get spruced up thanks to the passage of proposition b. 72% of voters approved the $195 million bond measure on tuesday. the improvements are set to begin in march with projects and glen canyon park. they are -- there are plans for trail reconstruction and golden gate and john mclaren park. 7:21. well, temperatures are -- it's
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kind of chilly out there. grab a coat if you learn this morning because a storm is getting closer. that will give you a taste of what's on our way. mark's here. he will tell you where the winds are picking and when we'll get rain. an apology to a woman sexually abused after controversial language was written in a defense filing. good morning. northbound and southbound 101 in san francisco looking good. but we have problems in the east bay and also in the south bay to tell you about.
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7:24. an hour from now, a southern california man is due in court accused of the stabbing death of a retired high school teacher in -- retired school teacher in hercules. darnell washington, 24 years old, faces nine counts in connection with the murder of 55-year-old susie koe. washington is expected to enter a plea. he's accused of killing her at
7:25 am
a carjacking at her home last month. prosecutors say this capped off a crime spree that began with washington's wife breaking him out of jail in san bernardino county. while on the run, the couple is accused of wounding a deputy. washington potentially faces a third strike. the moraga school district apologizes to a former student sexually abused by two teachers. kristin kunoni was molested during the 1990s while she attended the school. she's now suing the school district for failing to protect her. defense attorneys filed papers claiming that she was partly responsible for the abuse. the school district will be dropping that aspect of the defense. 7:25. we want to check in with sal, see what's happening on the roads. it's been very busy all over the place.
7:26 am
280 is a mess in san jose. it's blocking several lanes. northbound 280 at the lawrence expressway. it's been there for more than a half an hour. the traffic is terrible on 280. it's slow on 101. people are hearing about the crash. they are not getting on 280. they are staying on 101. if you drive to cupertino, 280 is not your best call. you might want to think about taking antipot. 0 is backed up for -- taking an alternate. 80 is backed up. highway 4 is slow, 680 is slow and 80 is slow heading to richmond. let's go to mark. good morning to you. we're off to a cold start this morning. but it is cry -- but it is dry. it often nice to do this --
7:27 am
just look outside that gives you a great clue. some cloud cover out there, some breaks in the clouds, no raindrops for your commute. some rain up to the north and a rain/snow mix. snow levels will be dropping later on today. the snowshowers mainly south of lake tahoe. but this ticks -- kicks in this a few hours. winter weather advisory 10:00 this morning until 10:00 friday morning. snowfall will be around 5 to 10 inches. dropping snow levels to 2500 feet. for this morning. partly cloudy, a bit of a breeze out there. some scattered showers into the afternoon hours and then you will notice this -- possibly a thunderstorm into friday. no raindrops to worry about. although there is a slight chance of a sprinkle first thing on saturday morning. we'll gradually clear out the clouds but keep those temperatures on the cool side. coldest locations back down in the mid to low 30s. time now, 7:28. the very latest on the search
7:28 am
for a mysterious shooter who fired some shoots and -- shots an some hit a monterey sheriff's deputy. >> reporter: police took a man into custody after finding a bomb in his -- a bomb in his car. we'll tell you what alerted police to do the search. >> reporter: we're live in walnut creek where hundreds braved cold temperatures to get free chick-fil-a for a year. "mornings on 2" continues. we are the sons and daughters of farmers who made cheese;
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the keepers of the loafs. the people who will never lower the bar. our world started in deep green grass and rain and the hills and the waves and the big, tall trees of tillamook, oregon. we make cheese of an exquisite standard and we live in a special place... where pure and good were invented.
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it is 7:30. during a routine traffic stop overnight, san jose police found and detonated an explosive. janine de la vega near the airport where a section of highway 101 was briefly closed. good morning, janine. >> reporter: good morning, tori. yeah. highway 101 was closed down for about 20 minutes while this was being handled. police did tell me that the man responsible for having done this, he tonight have -- he doesn't have any -- for having this bomb, he doesn't have any priors. now, this strip mall, these businesses were shut down and customers were told to leave and because of that. that's because across the street where you will see this big -- well, there is a pile of sandbags. those cars are blocking it. right there in the island.
7:32 am
that's where police had a robot take the bomb to examine it. what you heard was police detonating a pipe bomb that they found inside the vehicle. just before 9:00 last night, officers stopped the van on a routine traffic stop and they determined the driver was under the influence of drugs and that prompted officers to search the van and that's when they discovered the device. they stay was 10 inches loy -- 10 inches long with a fuse on it. >> police came in, told us to evacuate, there was a bomb threat. we all had to evacuate. we came out here and later we found out that they found a pipe bomb in his car. >> reporter: police detonated the bomb at 1:00 this morning by using a robot. again, they did have to shut down the highway for a short time. the enentire area was cordoned off for about -- entire area
7:33 am
was cordoned off for about five hours. they did arrest the man and for dui and possession of an explosive device. that's a felony. the intelligence unit will be debriefing him, trying to find out why he had this bomb in his car. but we're assuming they won't question him until the man is not under the influence of drugs anymore. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:33. a gunman who targeted a monterey sheriff's deputy is still on the run. the shooter fired at the deputy's patrol car yesterday afternoon in an area between castroville and pruneville. it happened around 4:30. the rear window of the patrol car was shot out. the deputy was hit by flying glass but was not shot. 7:33. happening route now. the bay area's newest chick-fil- a restaurant has its grand opening this morning. ktvu's brian flores is live now
7:34 am
in walnut creek where some customers camped out overnight and there may be protests as well there, right? >> reporter: good morning, dave. yes, the walnut creek chick-fil- a is frillly opened. it -- officially opened. it opened at 6:30 this morning. it looks like a camp ground more than anything. more than 100 people camped out here in tents, sleeping bags. the reason, the first 100 people when the doors open would get vouchers for a free chick-fil-a meal for an entire year, once a week. it wasn't bad. they had a deejay. they held a raffle and a ribbon- cutting ceremony and gave the people -- once the door opened, they were greeted with clears and this is video you will only see on "mornings on 2." >> 3, 2, 1! [ cheers ] >> reporter: this is the first chick-fil-a in the east bay.
7:35 am
there's one in san jose and fairfield. many say it's worth it. >> yesterday, we got here at about 5:30. and then throughout the day there's games, fun, your neighbors, getting to know your neighbors. last night, there was a deejay, they served up food, kept us entertained. everybody was really friendly. >> oh, the chick-fil-a, there's a ton of chick-fil-as in the south and now we have one in our own backyard. >> reporter: but there is a small bit of controversy and this goes back to the company's president's comments opposed to gay marriage. since then, chick-fil-a will stop donating to anti-gay groups and >> i invite them here.
7:36 am
i believe in equal rights and we'll treat them with respect. >> reporter: the protest is scheduled for some time around 9:00 this morning. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi could be facing a new fight to keep his job. he was reinstated about a month ago after a long ordeal. it started after he bruised his wife's arm. coming up at 7:45, the group that's planning to launch a recall effort. well, today an autopsy will be performed trying to identify a body found inside an abandoned building in hayward. now, on tuesday, a construction worker reported a bad smell coming from the former perry and key car repair shop on mission boulevard. police think the body may have been there for some time. we don't known the man's name and the cause of death is not known as of yet. caltrain services is back to normal. that's after a caltrain
7:37 am
commuteert train trammed -- slammed into the tracks. caltrain says the driver of the car accidentally turned on to the tracks of pennsylvania avenue and maple street and the car became stuck. a woman and child were in the car but they got out before the train collided. caltrain service was disrupted for about 90 minutes. a tow truck came and removed that damaged car. san jose's newly passed minimum wage hike could be the start of a new trend. 59% of san jose voters approved measure d. that will increase minimum wage from $8 an hour to $10. san jose joins four other u.s. cities with a minimum wage higher than the federal threat -- federal rate. it means that i -- >> it means i will be able to go off food stamps which i'm currently on and i won't have
7:38 am
to pick and choose between which bills i'm going to pay. >> we're pretty disappointed in the votes. the voters really voted with -- voted with their hearts, not their minds. >> the idea to raise minimum wage started in a san jose state university classroom. the professor says he's already getting calls in oakland and los angeles about how to get a minimum wage law passed in their cities. half moon bay has one of the highest sales tax in the state. the half-cent sales tax increase is expected to raise about $875,000 a year. the money will -- will go towards infrastructure projects like fixing the crumbling main street bridge. a woman arrested in san francisco accused of stealing a puppy from the spca. one of the employees called police after she saw the woman with this stolen terrier mix pickupby on market street. police arrested her on charges of drug possession and a patrol
7:39 am
violation. the puppy went missing back on october 16th. >> cute little guy. >> yeah. want to check in with sal -- boy, the south bay is having a lot of problems. >> if this is your -- we've had a crash at 280 at the lawrence expressway. injury crash and the traffic is going to be superheavy all the way to 101. look at this. it is barely moving. sometimes we show you this picture and you can see it's kind of crowded. but this is just ridiculous or use your own adjective here. you might want to consider -- if you can, if you have the luxe of putting it off for a -- luxury of putting it off for a little bit, you might want to do that. even if they clear it now, the damage is done. we had some prob mine -- had
7:40 am
some minor problems on the bridge. this commute is backed up for a 30-minute plus delay getting into san francisco. here's mark. hi there, sal. good morning to you. we're off to a quiet, cool start. no raindrops just yet. it looks like we're looking at mount tam and and a few clouds out there. we've been cooling off, the temperature dropped nearly 20 degrees. you can see some rain and snowshowers out to the east. but this is what we're watching up to the north. in fact, here is a live doppler sweep now beginning to move into the northern portions of mendocino county. right now it's pretty cold out there. san francisco 54 and livermore reporting 52 degrees at last check. here is the cold weather system responsible for the drop. as far as temperatures for today, mainly in the mid-50s to lower 60s. we'll be tracking showers later
7:41 am
on this afternoon and a slight chance of a thunderstorm today, maybe a better chance for tomorrow. here is the updated forecast model along with the forecast at 8:00 this morning. partly cloudy and windy. a bit of a breeze out there. winds from 10 to 20 miles an hour. and then look what happens by 12:00. some scattered showers, especially for the northern half of the region. temperatures not warming up too much. 53 to 56 and then by 4:00, some scattered rain showers. the focus will be down to the south bay. everyone cools off out towards livermore and antioch. san jose, 61 -- 61 and a look ahead. a chance of a shower. the weekend will be dry. pretty cool memories. we do have a bit of a breeze. what's moving the markets this morning after yesterday's steep selloff? and why apple's stock is
7:42 am
officially in correction modes. and also -- is it still the biggest company in the world? and the reason why gabrielle giffords will come face to face with this man -- her attacker -- today.
7:43 am
7:44 am
u.s. stocks are slightly lower today. investors continue to worry about the looming fiscal cliff debate. shares have dropped 20% since their september peak. some investors may be selling in anticipation of higher capital gains taxes. right now, the dow is down about 25 minute -- 25 points. apple's stock is selling down about 2.5%. that's after opening at 550 a
7:45 am
share. that was down 21% from the stock's all-time high of $705 in september. one analyst says it makes a lot of sense to sell apple now and takele capital gain. 355,000 new claims were filed for benefits last week. that's down 8,000 from the week before. but that number could partially be influenced by hurricane sandy. 7:45. boy, more suffering right now in the northeastern u.s. a powerful new winter storm right after hurricane sandy. emily schmidt is live on staten island, new york, dealing with freezing temperatures and power outages and more. emily? >> reporter: dave, you are exactly right. some people here say this is insult to injury. the injury is what you see
7:46 am
behind me. that's the damage to the house. the injuries, the fact that there are people out here that try to make this situation better. the power crews, people who are with tow trucks and they are having to deal with this nor'easter that went through, the cold, the snow. it's just a dose of will they -- of weather they didn't need. >> reporter: a powerful nor'easter delivers another blow. >> reporter: the storm pound the northeast with snow, rains and winds gusting up to 15 miles an hour. this new storm is pushing this man to the limit. >> everything that i own is here and i'm trying to save it. >> reporter: yesterday, new york mayor michael bloomberg urged those in low-lying areas to move. >> there could be some areas
7:47 am
already eroded by sandy. the difference here is the barriers of sand or rock whether they were there before perhaps are not there. >> reporter: the storm is creating a potentially deadly situation with those without power after sandy. >> we got back our power last friday -- last friday. it's backed out again. >> reporter: this is stranding some drivers. >> cars are sliding. people were stuck. cars weren't going anywhere. was nothing open. >> reporter: but at least this new york resident is taking the weather in stride. >> we got through the first one. we can get through anything. >> reporter: it's also a problem in the air, more than 1500 flights canceled in and out of the northeast and that's a ripple effect that as you know, dave, continues across the country. >> thank you, imly. now at -- emily. now, at there's more information about how to help
7:48 am
the victims of the storm. look at hot topics on our home page. there's no damage reported from a 6.3 earthquake that hit the west coast of canada overnight t was centered 85 miles off the -- overnight. it was centered 85 miles off the coast. no tsunami was issued. late last month, a 7.7 earthquake struck the same area. it did generate a small tsunami and some waves in hawaii. it also prompted evacuations across the coastal areas. the death toll is at 38 after that quake near guatemala. the quake was felt as far as mexico city. 48 have been killed. a number of buildings have collapsed. the quake triggerrerred mudslides and that's making it difficult for -- triggered mudslide and that's making it difficult for rescuers to get to victims. today, gabrielle giffords plans to face the man who almost killed her in court.
7:49 am
jared loughner is being sentenced to life in prison. former congresswoman giffords and her husband say they will be in court and kelly is set to speak in the courtroom. now, however ner shot giffords during a -- now, jared loughner shot giffords in tucson and he avoided the death penalty and faces 19 charges. pam cook is in the newsroom with word of a new effort to try to get sheriff mirkarimi out of office. good morning, pam. >> good morning. according to the san francisco chronicle, the group, san francisco women for accountability, plans to make an aofficial announcement next week to start this. the women say "the outcry is loud and clear and we can't have a sheriff who has been convicted of domestic violence." the group was formed to defeat
7:50 am
one councilmember who voted to reinstate him. no response from mirkarimi but an attorney who represented him during his efforts to be reinstated made a statement. i'm going to talk about the obstacles facing this group that want him out of office. let's go back to tori and dave. black friday will start a couple of hours early at walmart. walmart says all of the stores will open at 8:00 p.m., thanksgiving evening. that's the earliest ever start to the sales rush. walmart says it will have special deals for the early customers including $10 video games. there will be other special deals, items range from tires to sewing machines starting at 5:00 a.m.
7:51 am
on friday. and then there there's the paragon outlet stores opening. we've been counting done all morning to today's grand opening. just a couple of hours away. coming up at 8:03. we'll go back live to livermore with more details about the big boost this outlet mall is expected to give to the bay area economy. all right. ten minutes before 8:00. a deadly hit and run in sonoma. what the 80-year-old driver told investigators after he was arrested. plus -- why the battle over recreational marijuana use may not be over in both colorado and washington state.
7:52 am
...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now...
7:53 am
you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios san francisco police made a second arrest the night the giants won the world series. 19-year-old nicholas hudson of daly city was booked on felony
7:54 am
charges including arson and vandalism. now, police also released this photo of another person they are still searching for. you can see the suspect , the windows of the bus with a skateboard. in other news, an 80-year- old man is in jail after a hit- and-run accident that took the life of a 93-year-old disabled man in sonoma. it happened at study street and fifth street west yesterday. investigators say the victim was crossing the street on an electric scooter when a car hit him and then took off. deputies tracked down the driver a bit later. they say he knew he hit something in the intersection but says he thought it was only debris. 7:54. the department of justice is renewing two newhalls in colorado and washington state, that legalized the recreational use -- two new laws in colorado
7:55 am
and washington state that legalized using marijuana for recreational use. let's go to sal. some of those pictures stop you in your tracks. >> yeah, and dave and tori, i want you to take a look at this picture here with 280 that we're gonna show you because that crash, since the last time we spoke a few minutes ago at the lawrence expressway has been cleared but the damage is done. i've been telling you about this for a while now. i just want to reits tate, 280 is not your -- reiterate, 280 is not your best option. you will just be stuck in traffic at 15 miles an hour, maybe more now, maybe 20. that's way below average there. you don't want to do that. you want to use 101 or 85 or some of the side roads. the crash is cleared now near the lines expressway. we're talking about the livermore valley as well and also slow traffic on 680 down
7:56 am
in pleasanton and to the fremont area and slow traffic on 880 through the castro valley area at 580 as well. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. westbound bay bridge backed up for a 25 to 30-minute delay. 7:55. let's go to steve. >> hi there, sal. >> did i say steve? >> yes. [laughter] >> let me do that again. let's go to mark tamayo. perfect. it's cold out there with the temperatures in the 40s and 50s. it's dry right now. that's the key term, "for now" because things will be changing today. you can see some clouds off in the distance. a lot of sunshine. i'm tracking some rainfall up to the north. you can pick up the latest on stormtracker2. there's the rain moving into mendocino county, right around fort bragg approaching the doorstep of willits. still a bit of a breeze as we
7:57 am
take a look at some of the wind speeds, they've backed off a little bit. but there are generally around 5 to 15 miles an hour. santa rosa, 48. oakland, 5 and san jose, mid- 50s. here is a cold storm on the way. cooling will continue. showers return later on today and by tomorrow, we could have a little bit of a dusting of snow on the bay area peeks -- pea up around 3,000 feet -- peaks up around 3,000 feet. a chance of rain showers targeting the north bay and then it quickly moves to the south between 1:00 and 2:00 and then some scattered showers, a chance by 4:00. we could be tracking another moisture moving in between 10:00 and 11:00. temperatures for today on the cooler side, upper 50s to lower 60s. the cooling continues right in through the weekend. cold mornings for saturday and into sunday. we'll continue to track the showers and also update the sierra during the sierra --
7:58 am
update the virginia during the 8:00 hour. twitter alerts that there accounts have been compromised. we're live in burlingame where hundreds of people are forced out of a hotel because of a carbon monoxide leak. we'll tell you how fire investigators could have discovered the problem sooner. and check out these ladies right here walking down through this mall. yes, they are already customers. they've been here for an hour. this outlet mall does not open for another two hours. we'll tell you what this is gonna do for this community and we'll tell you how excited people are for it to open. [this broadcast captioned by erin c. mcclure]
7:59 am
we stand for farmers owning the company; for them taking responsibility for the products they make; for them being in the right place at the right time for over 100 years making tillamook cheese from tillamook, oregon; for these farmers never wavering from their commitment to excellence. we stand for that.
8:00 am
good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. it's thursday, november 8th. in overnight news, just hours ago, hundreds of hotel guests in burlingame were evacuated because of a carbon monoxide leak. ktvu's tara moriarty has been at the embassy suites in burlingame since 4:30. what do you know now this. >> reporter: well, most of the
8:01 am
folks have left to catch their flights. this hotel is close to the airport. others have went back to bed. they have been up all night. just after midnight, firefighters were called to the scene. you can see the windows still opened here. crews called in hazmat and they found high levels of carbon monoxide. within an hour, they evacuated the building. hundreds of guests were staying here. the hotel was booked. the officials traced the leak to a faulty boiler. >> we did determine that there was a malfunctions piece of mechanical equipment in the hotel, since that time, the equipment has been isolated. and in the process, we evacuated the hotel for the safety of the occupants.  >> there's levels of carbon monoxide in the hotel and they were checking the levels and the levels were too high so they weren't letting us in until just now. so i think they kind of get everybody out for about four hours. >> reporter: now, hoe tells were supposed to have carbon monoxide detecters put in this
8:02 am
-- hotels were supposed to have carbon monoxide detecters put in this july. if they were installed earlier, of ifs may have been able to figure out -- earlier, firefighters may have been able to figure out this problem sooner. police are investigating claims that a woman was kidnapped. a woman said she was kidnapped from a walnut creek parking lot in the 1500 block of bonanza. she said she ended up in a secluded part of the oakland politicals -- part of the oakland hills. now, oakland police and an am am -- and an ambulance arrived there around midnight. paramedics checked out the woman. we're not sure if she was hurt. we contacted police and they said the investigation was just underway. we've also been contacting oakland police trying to get more details. 8:02. an 11-month-old baby girl is in the hospital with serious injuries after falling from the
8:03 am
upstairs window of her fremont home. it happened on walnut avenue yesterday afternoon. firefighters say the baby landed 30 feet below but some juniper bushes helped break her fall. she was rushed to lucile packard hospital. she was conscious and crying. firefighters say it appears the fall was accidental. new this morning, we're getting reports of twitter accounts getting hacked. the technology website reports that twitter e-mailed some of the users telling them to reset their password and create a new one. a british comedians -- a british comedian was one of the first to alert others. he tweeted previous posts had disappeared. the e-mail read with last-minute prep -- last-minute preparations are happening right now in livermore at the new paragon
8:04 am
mall. the grand opening, just two hours away. ktvu's claudine wong is there to show us more about this outlet mall which is expected to give a big economic boost. >> reporter: good morning. they are expecting a lot of people, a lot of heavy traffic. we've seen a lot of more -- a lot of people here. we've actually seen customers who have been here for three hours. waiting for doors to open, going, where am i gonna start? we're here by prada. pretty unique to have a prada store at an outlet mall. no, i don't know how much anything is because the store does not open for two hours. the grand opening is set to get open in two hours. first outlet in about 11 years. it's done now. 130 stores ready for business. it is anchored by knee mann, sax and -- by neiman, sax and
8:05 am
bloomingdales. this is the first hybrid store of its kind. in order to make this business model work, they needed space and foot traffic and they are pretty sure they have it here. >> i want to say a thousand -- >> i don't even have a number. from what i've seen and heard, it will be huge. how much do they have? like -- >> i think it was like 100,000, 150,000 came through in one day. i would love to -- i would love it if everyone who comes through buys a sin na mon or a -- cinnabon or a pretzel. >> i'm drawing the people in. >> reporter: when they are shopping? >> when they are shopping, they are hungry, yes. >> reporter: the mall is 543,000 square feet. it cost $150 million to build.
8:06 am
there are 130 stores expecting to bring 2,000 permanent jobs. at least 2 million in sales tax and revenue. phase 2 already in the works which will make this area even bigger. it used to be farmland. now it's expecting to be a thriving business. you get a good idea of maybe where you want to start as far as people out here, we talk about the folks out here. they got out here at 7:00, just wanting to get a lay of the land. i know there's someone i work with. just call him mike whose life -- whose life is headed here and likely to come bag with a lot of goodies. claudine wong, kut channel 2 news. >> thank you, claudine. that could impact traffic. right off 580, that's fairly busy anyway. >> i think the pipe who built that mall are hoping it does.
8:07 am
so be aware of it. that's off el charo road by the way in calls you are wondering. we'll be -- in case you are wondering. we'll be watching it for you. let's look at the bay bridge. there's been some improve at the toll plaza. we're seeing some improvement on 880 and the delay here. it's more like a 15, 20-minute delay earlier as opposed to a 25, 30-minute delay. san francisco, the traffic there has been busy this morning driving up to the 80 split here. no major problems through there. livermore valley, some slow traffic there. i want to move to the left here. you can see how the nimitz freeway 880, northbound and southbound from hayward to the fremont area. of course, the south bay, we've been talking about 280. all of the freeways are slow. if you take 280 in san jose, give yourself plenty of time. let's go to mark.
8:08 am
we're taking a live look outside. a few clouds. you are waking up and you are thinking this is a nice day. it won't rain. just to the north, we have rain showers -- not just to the north but it is approaching, right anaudia key cau and mendocino county. the latest, we need to take a closer inspection. right now rain showers are moving into parts of mendocino county. we could be tracking a few scattered rain showers, a few rainbands pushing into the bay area. current numbers really not warming up too much. maybe up 1, 2 degrees from the past hour. santa rosa, 48. san francisco 54. and then livermore checking in 54. this cold weather system moving in from the pacific. showers whether make a comeback off and on it will be one of those deals where you have a shower, and then it breaks apart and then we have the
8:09 am
clear skies. a chance of a thunderstorm, a slight chance for today, probably a better bet for friday. here is our forecast model. partly cloudy, windy, upper hoes -- upper 40s to low to mid- 50s. and 53, 5 degrees later on. and by the way, it will be cold enough if you get the cold air in the phase activity. by 4:00, a chance of a shower, 55 to right around 62 degrees. probably between 9:00 and 10:00, we could be tracking another batch of showers. book should be dry probably just a couple of extra clouds saturday. low to mid-30s. possibly some frost as early as saturday morning. an update on the sierra. they have a winter weather advisory being prepped.
8:10 am
a government official in myanmar says president obama will visit the southeast asian country later this month. it would be the first ever visit by the president there. some changes are expected in president obama's cabinet during his second term at the white house. secretary of state hillary clinton has said she's not interested in serving another four years. speculation is centering on senator john kerry as her replacement or susan rice and treasury secretary, tim geithner wants out. he's expected to be replaced by and leon pal net ta is expected to -- palmetta is expected to
8:11 am
return to wis home as well. romney went to boston in tuesday and he told reporters on the plane that win or lose, he wanted to spend time with his family after months out on the road. romney advisers won't speculate what they will do next. but they say the 65-year-old governor probably won't disappear. >> this man was been arrested for breaking into nancy pelosi's home. he was also trying to break into someone else's home. investigators don't believe those break-s ins were politically motivated. the nor -- in the northeast, it's causing problems here as well. how it is affecting flights in and out of snowe this moving.
8:12 am
this-- affecting flights in and out of sfo this morning. kzo
8:13 am
8:14 am
good thursday morning. off to a -- off to a dry start. looking out to the east bay, we can see some clouds, some breaks in the clouds. we'll be tracking some rain showers and maybe some snow. 8:14. a new storm puts the recovery
8:15 am
from superstorm sandy on hole. a nor easter has left a blanket of snow and the weight of the snow snapped trees over power lines. people who had the power just restored after sandy, are once again without electricity. there are more than 200,000 new outages in the northeast. we'll have a live report on the latest onslaught. that's coming up at 8:37. call ahead if you or someone you know is flying today. sfo has 11 arrivals canceled because of the nor'easter. six from j.f.k., three from newark and two from philadelphia. one departure for newark was canceled and there may be more later today. so far the volume of cancellations is lighter than yesterday when the storm canceled 31 local flights. now that the election is over, the pressure really on to avoid a so-called fiscal cliff at the end of the year.
8:16 am
alison burns reports from the washington, d.c. newsroom that house speaker john boehner seems to be offering the first olive branch. alison n. >> alley -- alison? >> reporter: house speaker john boehner was able to hold onto the majority in the house. there are some tynes from him that he might be able to and willing to strike some more deals with president obama. speakser boehner suggested for the first time a framework -- speaker boehner sucked for the first time a framework to avoid the massive spending cuts and tax increases that will kick in this less than two months if congress doesn't act. >> because the mesh people expect us to find common ground, we're willing to accept -- and extend the olive branch.
8:17 am
>> reporter: president obama is getting his first post election presidential briefing this morning. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:16. here's some good news. tuition will be reduced for california state university, now that voters passed prop 30. csu said they were able to avoid a $250 million mid-year budget cut. so it will rescind a $299 per semester fee hike. that will bring grad waits -- rates back to last year's rates. believe it or not, bay area election officials still have thousands of ballots to count. santa clara has up to 235,000 mail-in and provisional ballots to cut. san francisco has about 90,000. alameda county has about 140,000. and some of the races are still too close to call and that may be days before we get the final
8:18 am
results. eight years ago, california voters approved billions of dollars on taxpayer money for stem cell research. the california institute for regenerative medicine says it's spent 60% of the money. it's been used to build new labs, hire 150 top scientists and fund 1200 scientific papers. but some biotech industry leaders say they are frustrated. >> not just on buildings, not just on scientific publications but actually therapies, they are gonna meet the needs of living, breathing human beings. >> they say it's impossible to tell when a major breakthrough will occur. a top official in massachusetts has lost his job
8:19 am
over the deadly meningitis outbreak. he was fired for ignoring a complaint from colorado. that complaint came before the dose was shipped. 8:18. legal experts predict more damaging system against an american soldier charged with a killing spree in afghanistan. now, yesterday, at the military hearing an investigator testified that robert bales teched for positive -- testify tested positive. the court marshal is on hold for an army psychologist
8:20 am
charged with killing 14 people in 2009. major hassan saddam is appealing -- major hassan is appealing a decision to shave off his beard. he claims the judge is bias against him. chevron says they will have their richmond refinery repaired before the end of the spring. they sent a letter outlining the plans to richmond city leaders and the plans call for new chrome piping to replace what was lost in the fire last august. astronomers are excited about a new discovery, they've detected an alien planet that possibly can support life. it's been nicknamed superearth. it's 42 light years from our planet which researchers say is so close, so close that future telescopes may be able to detect. michael jackson's brother
8:21 am
wants to tang his -- wants to change his famous name from jackson to jacksun. he cited artist tick reasons for this -- artistic rens for -- reasons for that. inmates at san quentin talk about prop pigs -- proposition 36. the cold weather, it's here in case you didn't realize it. some parts of the bay area you will see rain in a couple of hours. stay tuned. mark is here to tell you what to expect in your neighborhood. find out why the bay bridge -- a new problem on the incline section may make it very slow
8:22 am
getting into the city.
8:23 am
8:24 am
some three-strike inmatesser is everyoning live in prison in san quentin could be released as soon as january after the vote on this. this means minor third-strike crimes may no longer result in a mandatory life sentence. it's welcomed news to many of the three-strike inmates at san quentin who could now be
8:25 am
eligible for relief. >> i never thought that i would actually be able to be free with my family again. >> that just gives me an incentive to really get out there and show the public and society that i've been rehabilitated. >> judges will decide whether an estimated 3,000 inmates in california are em jill for release. -- eligible for release. former chief anthony batts takes over today as the new commissioner of baltimore, maryland. batts will be sworn in today and becomes commissioner when homicide rates are going up there. 14 homicides have been reported -- 184 homicides have been reported this year. compared to 174 last year. sal you are checking in on the traffic. things are not real good. >> no. we just got a look at the bridge here.
8:26 am
just after 8:10 or so, we had an accident reported. police seem to have gotten this off the bridge rather quickly. they did get work on this. but there is a big backup. they slowed the metering lights down. i want to show you the bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed up for a pretty long delay at the toll plaza. give yourself plenty of time. it had been improving but right after that crash it went up to 30, 5, maybe 40 minutes. contra costa county, 680, pleasant hill to walnut creek slows. 80 very slow from pinole into berkeley and we've been looking at a lot of slow traffic. also in the south bay, we had some earlier problems on 280 here in san jose that is gone but the traffic is backed up well over to 101. 280 is a huge mess getting into cupertino. let's go to mark. hi, sal. good morning to you. off to a cold, dry start.
8:27 am
we do have rain showers approaching the bay area. that will be a factor as we head into the afternoon hours. snowshowers morning into humboldt county and men so dino caulk -- mendocino county and right around the willits area, as far as the details of today's storm. cooling will continue. showers return to a chance of -- to a chance of ra thunderstorm. with the cold air in place, local snow levels come down to 2500 to 3,000 feet probably as we head into friday. a winter weather advisory is set to begin in the sierra. 10:00 snowfall will be around 500 inches. partly cloudy and windy, by 12:00, some scattered showers beginning to push into parts of the bay area. 53 to 5 and then still a chance of a shower by late this afternoon, we could be tracking more showers as we head into
8:28 am
the evening hours. temperatures this afternoon. not much of a change from the current levels, upper 50s to lower 60s. and a look ahead to the shower chance on friday. dave? >> all right. thank you. some uc berkeley students are backing -- are walking out today. what they will be demanding this afternoon. >> reporter: police had an area shut down for hours in san jose overnight after they found a bomb. we'll tell you how they stumbled upon it and we'll show you the man who is in custody when "mornings on 2" continues.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
a real bomb threat overnight in the south bay. that device was blown up by the police. janine de la vega is in san jose right now where some people this morning had no idea what happened. good morning, janine. >> reporter: good morning, dave. that's right. there is a hotel in the parking lot where i'm standing in and some of those guests are just waking up this morning, and they tell me they slept through all of the police activity. but others working in restaurants right here where you see in this strip mall, they tell me they were scared because the man that had the bomb in it was stopped by police right here and then that bomb was taken across the street by a police robot. that sound and flash was the bomb being detonated early this morning at 1:00. now, this all started last night at 9:00. police stopped the vehicle for a routine traffic violation and determined the driver was under the influence of drugs. that prompted them to search his van and that's when
8:32 am
officers found a 10-inch pipe bomb with a fuse on it. police shut down the area and shut down businesses what was going on. >> when we disrupt a device like this, we want to make sure that the blast does not take out any businesses or affect cars driving by. we asked the chp to shut down the freeway. it was shut down for about 20 minutes last night. and then we detonated the device. >> reporter: now, we just got this picture into the newsroom. police arrested the driver for driving under the influence and for having the bomb. they've identified him as 35- year-old james mcgill. we're being told that he's from san jose. police told us that he does not have any prior criminal history for possession of becomes but you can bet he will be deprevioused to figure out what he was doing with this pipe bomb in his car. reporting live from san jose,
8:33 am
janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:32. san francisco police arrested a man accused of threatening to shoot people. last night around 7:30, police they say they got a call threatening to kill someone in the ocean view neighborhood. police say they found the suspect holed up in the house. negotiators talked him in to giving himself up. the house was searched and turned up no weapons. the suspect will be having a mental health examination. we have new video of this -- a former pool trying to steal a plane. one of the wings of the plane smashed up against the side of the building at saint george's municipal airport. the plane hit cars fences and light poles. the pilot reportedly bees -- was being shot by police for the former dilling of his girlfriend in colorado. he later killed himself after trying to steal the plane. deputies in oregon believe
8:34 am
alcohol was involved in an a.t.v. crash that killed a young man from oakland. they say the 19-year-old was riding offroad vehicles with friends yesterday in oregon. he apparently hit a tree at 4:00 a.m. he apparently was living in oregon and attending community college there. in about 20 minutes a court hearing will get underway focusing a bicyclist who hit a 70-year-old man in a crosswalk. the driver is charged with felony vehicular manslaughter. the district attorney's office say witnesses say the driver went through red lights and stop signs before the crash. the driver has pleaded not. a judge is expect to the set a date for a -- north. a judge is expected to set a date for the plim -- for the preliminary hearing. let's check in with sal.
8:35 am
>> northbound 280, we have had a lot of slow traffic there because of a much earlier crash t was there for a while. 2 0 northbound, near the lawrence expressway. it was there for about 45 minutes. we're suddenly starting -- we're finally starting to see -- to see some improvement here but it will take a while on -- it will take a while. we have slow traffic heading south on 880 and 880 north from 2378 up to downtown oakland. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, of course, we had an earlier crash, finally seeing some improvement here but the crash was on the insigned -- incline section. >> let's go to mark. >> we're taking a live look outside. this thursday morning. looking out towards the sutro tower. it's a dry craft. things will be changing. you can see the reason, the drive stormtracker, too, some rain showers developing to the north up along the north coast
8:36 am
and some of this activity you can't see -- you can't see. as far as temperatures. livermore 54. these temperatures have warmed up maybe 1, 2 degrees. not too much over the past hour. this area of low pressure moves in from the north. it's responsible for the temperature drop, about 10 to 20 miles from -- 10 to 20 degrees, and then showers return with a chance -- with the chance the showers will make a comeback with a slight chance today. maybe a better bet as we head into it tomorrow. this is one of those deals where it's not a persistent all- day rain event. basically unsettled and cool on through your friday. the rain showers on the increase at 11:00, quickly, though, moving to the south by
8:37 am
2:00. favoring parts of the -- parts of the south bay and east bay. not a lot to show you at 5:00. we could be tracking another batch of showers. forecast highs mainly in the upper 50s to the lower 60s. a couple of days ago, we had the 80s and the 70s not the case for today. we will continue to cool things off. a look ahead, there is that chance of a shower into friday of the once again, very scattered in nature. and then some very cold meeting for saturday and sunday. we could be tracking some frost as well people are waking up to freezing temperatures and heavy snow. emily schmidt is live on staten island with a look at the cold conditions. >> reporter: hi, mark. it's cold here. it's a hard day for a lot of people. we think back to monday when
8:38 am
superstorm sandy came in. you top this off over what happened in the last 24 hours. this was a dose of winter weather that no one needed. >> the northeast is digging out after a blistering november nor'easter. >> it's way too soon for winter. >> reporter: the region is still reeling from superstorm sandy. this storm delivered another blow. >> reporter: the storm pounded the northeast with snow, rain and winds gusting up to 15 miles an hour. nick's staten island home was damaged by sandy this newest storm is pushing him to the limit. >> everything that i known is here. >> reporter: yesterday, michael bloomberg urged those in low- lying areas to go some place safeer. >> there could be major flooding in roads already
8:39 am
eroded by sandy. the difference here is that the say yers -- barriers of sand and ross mirkarimi that were there before, perhaps are not there. >> reporter: this storm is creating a potentially deadly situation for those still without power after sandy and it's put recovery efforts on hold. >> we got back our power on last friday. it's back out today. so frustrating. >> cars are sliding. people were stuck. cars weren't going anywhere. nothing was open. >> reporter: but at least this new york resident is taking it in stride. >> we got through the first one. we can get through anything. >> reporter: the storm is creating traffic problems, as you saw there, and problems in the air. about 1500 frightsens -- flights canceled because of the nor'easter. right now in new york, 36 degrees. they will have improving weather with more sunshine over the 24 hours. 8:39. an up-- in an update on
8:40 am
election 24. they are still counting the votes in the presidential race too close to call. a thin -- at this point it doesn't matter. president obama did win re- election even without florida's electoral votes but the voting process is comening under heavy criticism. some voters had to wait had line up to six hours to cast their ballots. some blame a complex ten-page ballots. some say it took 40 minutes to vote. this protest marks the first anniversary of occupy cal which caused clashes between students and campus police. students saying money going to public schools should be used to reduce tuition. and administrators say the
8:41 am
passage of two measures by voters will definitely help with the school's financial situation. but they are not out of the woods yet. city college benefits financially from both the passage of proposition 30 which prevents further cuts to community colleges and from proposition a, a local parcel tax, that generates revenue specifically for city college. the school has been threatened with losing its accreditation. 8:41. san francisco sheriff rock has his job back -- ross ross mirkarimi has his -- ross mirkarimi has his job back. but he faces new challenges. >> reporter: and shoppers are here for the grand opening of this outlet. we'll tell you what this will mean for the community when we come back.
8:42 am
8:43 am
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8:44 am
another step forward in our mission for health. stocks reversed back into negative territory after a slightly higher start the day after the biggest plunge of the year. investors continue to worry about the looming fiscal cliff debate. some may be selling in
8:45 am
anticipation of higher capital gains taxes. right now, the dow is down 24, down below -- at 12,909. the nasdaq is down 8. s&p down 4. :44. the wait -- 8:44. the wait is almost over for shoppers hoping to find deals at the paragon outlet. the grand opening is this morning. claudine wong is live in livermore and they are giving us a look at the lay of the land. they have some great stores. >> reporter: yes. we've been talking to shoppers who are already here getting -- checking everything out and they are pretty excited about what they are seeing. here is what's happening -- here's what's interesting. we also talked to a gentleman who works for chronology. that's a walnut creek company. that's their kiosk. he said three months ago they really wanted to get into the
8:46 am
outlet mall. this is the first time they have used a kiosk and they are here. we've seen stores getting ready all morning long. before the sun came out, they were making sure all of their merchandise was in place. everybody ready to go. as we said, there are 130 outlet stores being pushed as a high-end upscale outlet mall. it's really the first outlet mall to open in 11 years. it's been -- it's been about a -- it's been about a deck eight. we talked to shoppers out hire. they say -- about a deck eight. we talked to shoppers out here. >> we've just scoping out where all of the good stores are por the grand kids and for ourselves and -- grandkids and ourselves. >> how do you think you will stay here?
8:47 am
>> the whole day. >> we're gonna have lunch in the food court and we're ready. >> reporter: that's some dedicated shoppers. they are here before the doors open and will be here all day. now, they are estimating about $2 million in sales tax revenue of the you are loose looking at a job fair held last month -- revenue. you are also looking at a job fair held last month and that's a good thing and then phase 2 will be expanded into a different area as well with the ground-breaking set for sex year and then another -- for next year and then another one and they are expecting 800 jobs. you can imagine the folks with a kiosk, they've already gotten in line for a storefront, a store in the next phase. from the shoppers we've talked to out here, proty exciting. grand opening at 10:00.
8:48 am
claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. 8:47. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you. a carbon monoxide leak forced a hotel in burlingame to evacuate overnight. it happened at the embassy suites near sfo. hotel guests were out in the cold for four hours. the carbon monoxide was traced to a broken boiler. just minutes ago, we had an update from walnut creek about a kidnapping. police there confirming they are actively -- actively investigating the kidnapping a woman. it's not known if she is hurt. police said they will release more information later today. and believe it or not, yet another chapter in the ross mirkarimi story may be about to begin. pam cook is in our newsroom to tell is about -- to tell bus a
8:49 am
new effort to get him out of office. >> a women's group is reportedly preparing a recall of sheriff mirkarimi. according to the chronicle, the group plans to make an official- a-thonment next week. the women don't -- official announcement next week. the women say they don't want a sheriff convicted of domestic violence. 10% of registered voters have to sign the petition in order to get it onto a ballot which the paper says would be a june special election at the earliest. now, political analysts say recalls are hard but that this group has some advantages. first of all, money. the group of women raised $100,000 in just a few days and they have a lot of public awareness about the mirkarimi saga on their side as well. reporting live in the newsroom, let's go back to -- let's go back to dave and tori.
8:50 am
the moraga school district is apologizing to a student -- the moraga school district is apologizing to a student. she is now seeing the school district for failing to protect her. defense attorneys initially filed papers saying she was partly responsible for the abuse. the school district will drop that as correct of the defense. a southern california man is due in court accused in the stabbing death of susie koe, the retired school from hercules. darnell washington faces nine counts in connection with the murder of her. washington is expected to enter a plea. now, washington is accused of killing her during a carjacking at her home in hercules last month. prosecutors say it capped off a crime spree that started with his life alleging breaking him out of jail.
8:51 am
while on the run, the two are suspected of wounding a san francisco deputy. washington is possibly facing a third strike against him. the man who tried to assassinate gabrielle giffords will be sentenced today. a judge will sentence jared loughner to life in prison. it's part of a plea deal. now, gabrielle giffords and her husband, former astronaut, mark kelly, will be there for the sentencing. kelly plans to confront loughner and tell him how hutch -- and tell him how much he's affected their lives. nine minutes before 9:00, eight people have been arrested in a prostitution bust in newark. the arrests happened last thursday at the motel sex on mowry avenue. officials say known prostitutes and pimps were lured to the hotel. seven women were arrested for prostitution and one man was arrested for felony pimping and
8:52 am
pandering. agencies set up the sting in part to recover any children working as prostitutes but did not find any. and accused homicide suspect is still behind bars but the charges he's facing have been significantly redays -- reduced. he's accused of shooting and killing a community activist at the hills dale shopper center parking garage two years ago. the judge has just dismissed two counts, including a mumped charge on ground police violated his mirror rahn da lights by interrogating him even after he asked for a lawyer. the prosecution is still considering options. he still faces a weapons charge. the san jose earthquakes have been eliminated from the mls playoffs. the l.a. galaxy came to town. they beat the quakes 3-1.
8:53 am
there's david beckham. king scored two goals. the galaxy move on to the western finals. they will face salt lake or seattle. buster posey is now a finalist for the national league mvpe. he's up against ryan braun, chase headley, molina and andrew mccutchen. buster is considered to be the favorite. mlb will name who the -- major league baseball will name who the mvp is in a week. very hungry people spent the night outside of a chick- fil-a restaurant. >> 3, 2, 1! [ cheers ] >> why customers camped out. and a look at traffic. sal has one more check on your morning commute, including the wait times right there at the toll plaza.
8:54 am
8:55 am
to find a cure for macular degeneration, a debilitating eye disease and a leading cause of vision loss
8:56 am
for people over 60. it's important to let young people know how to take care of their sight. go to, where families learn about macular degeneration using interactive games and stories. visit the children's corner or call 1-800-437-2423 for free information and resources. happening now, there are mixed feelings over the newest chick-fil-a restaurant in the bay area. >> 3, 2, 1! [ cheers ] >> as we showed you earlier, chick-fil-a, on main street, they held the -- they held the ribbon-cutting ceremony. the event included a mascot, a
8:57 am
dancing cow, encouraging people to eat more chicken. for the first 100 customers in line, a free meal a week for a year. >> we got here yesterday and there were games, fun, your neighbors, getting to know each other. >> gay rights activists plan a protest scheduled to begin in a few months. >> a company executive sparked a controversy storm after his stance on gay marriage. let's quickly check in with sal, see what's happening at the toll plaza. it's slow still trying to get to the east way and the south bay commute has been heavy. toll plaza, you mentioned it. it is backed up. although it's improving a little bit. about a 15-minute delay. in next, take a look at that. northbound 101 looks good. southbound 101 looks good toot airport -- to the airport. let's go to mark.
8:58 am
we have partly cloudy skies and cold numbers. upper 40s to the 50s. rain showers approaching mendocino county. just knocking on the door to ukiah. increasing rain chances late this morning, into the afternoon hours. the weekend will be dry. but get ready to bundle up. low to mid-30s out there. >> you can't take surfing -- [laughter] >> we'll have to hold off. >> okay. >> all right. that's our report. we thank you for trusting ktvu channel news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> thanks for watching. a feeding frenzy, to say the least.
8:59 am
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